Designer type Fragrance Body oils 1 Oz (30ml roll-on) Each

Designer type Fragrance Body oils 1 Oz (30ml roll-on) Each

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Premium Quality # 1 Grade Fragrance Body oil, Long lasting, Vanillin free, Phthalate free and Skin Safe. GRADE A with NO ADDITIVES, NO DILUTIONS and NO ALCOHOL. Fragrances come in 1 oz (30ml) bottle roll-ons! Fragrance color may be different than shown in the picture. We are one of the top 10 wholesaler of Premium Quality Fragrance Body oils, we stand behind our products as we offer nothing but the absolute best in quality! Please choose the names and quantity from the list below of your choice:


1) 1 Million Perfume Oil Type For Men

2) Acqua Di Gio Absolu Type For Men

3) Allure Homme Type For Men

4) Allure Homme Sport Type For Men

5) Black Code Type For Men

6) Armaniy Code Profumo Type For Men

7) Aventus Type For Men

8) Back to Black Type Unisex

9) Black Opium Type For Women

10) Black Orchid For Women

11) Bleu De Channel Type For Men

12) Chance Type For Women

13) Chance Eau Tendre For Women

14) Chance Eau Vive Type Women

15) Coco Channel Type For Women

16) Coco Mademoiselle Type For Women

17) Couture By Type For Women

18) Royal Oud Type Unisex

19) Daisy Type For Women

20) Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil Unisex

21) Elysium Type Unisex

22) Explorer Type For Men

23) Flowerbomb Type For Women

24) Frankincense And Myrrh  Perfume Oil Unisex

25) Gabrielle Channel Type For Women

26) Good Girl By C.H. Type Women

27) Green Irish Tweed Type For Men

28) Bamboo Type For Women

29) Guilty For Men Type  For Men

30) Haute Luxe Type Unisex

31) Hypnotic Poison For Women

32) Baccarat Rouge 540 MFK Eau De Perfume Type Unisex

33) Invictus Type For Men

34) J'adore Type For women

35) La Nuit De L'Homme Eau Electrique For Men

36) La Nuit De L'Homme  

37) Le Male JPG Type For Men

38) Lick Me All Over Perfume Body Oil for Women

39) Light Blue Type For Women

40) Legend Type For Men

41) Neroli Portofino Type Unisex

42) No* 1 Type For Men

43) N°5 Type For Women

44) Ombre Leather Type Unisex

45) Oud Wood Type Unisex

46) Pink Sugar Type For Women

47) Poison Girl Type For Women

48) Candy Type For Women

49) SAUVAGE Type For Men

50) Spicebomb Type For Men

51) Straight To Heaven Type For Men

52) Terre D'Hermes Type For Men

53) Acqua Di Gio Type For Men


55) The ONE Type For Men

56) Tobacco Vanille Type Unisex

57) Tommy Bahama Men Type

58) Eau Fraiche Type For Men

59) Eros Type For Men

60) Viva La Juicy Type For Women

61) Y  Type For Men

62) Cool Water Type For Men

 63) L’Homme Intense type for men

 64) Lafayette Street Unisex

 65) Gentle Fluidity Gold MFK Type Unisex

 66) Aqua Celestia Forte MFK Type Unisex

67) Armany Code Sport Type For Men

 68) Greenwich Village Type Unisex

 69) DOT  Type For Women

 70) Invictus Aqua Type For Men

 71) Invictus Legend Type Men

 72) Mandarino Di Amalfi  Type Unisex

73) Chypre Extraordinaire Type unisex

74) No 5 L'EAU Channel Type

75) Bloom Type W

76) Bright Crystal  Type W

77) Obsession Type M

78) Wanted  Type M

79)  Guilty Black Type M

80) Chrome  Type M

81) 1 Million Lucky Type M

82) Light Blue Type M

83) Dylan Blue Type M 

84) Fahrenheit Type

85) Ultra Male JPG Type

86) Silver Mountain Water Type

87) Guilty Intense Type M

88) Imperial Type M

89) 212 Men Type

90) Tuscan Leather Type U

91) Spicebomb Extreme Type M

92) Original Vetiver Type U

93) Sauvage Very Cool Type M

94) I'm King Type M

95) L'Homme Type M

96) Luna Rossa Sport Type M

97) L'Homme Sport Type M

98) Guilty Women Type

99) Love Spell V.S. Type

100) La Vie Est Belle W

101) Romance Type W

102) Bombshell V. S. Type

103) White Diamond Type W

104) Angel Type W

105) Euphoria Type W

106) Yellow Diamond Type W

107) Miss Diyor Type W

108) Alien Type W

109) Lady Million Type W

110) Addict To Life Type W

111) Mon Paris Type W

112) Bombshell Seduction V.S. Type w

113) Oud Satin Mood MFK Type U

114) Spicebomb Night Vision Type M

115) Legend Spirit Type M

116) Artisan Type M

117) Wanted by Night Type M

118) 212 VIP Black C.H. Type M

119) ACQUA DI GIO PROFONDO Perfume Body Oil (M)


Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufactures and/or designers. We have no affiliation with the manufactures/designer. Our interpretation of these fragrances was created through chemical analysis and reproduction.The purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead or confuse the customer or infringe on the manufactures/designer's name and valuable trademark.We do not represent that they are exact copies; therefore they do not violate any copy right laws. Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison purposes only.


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    3. If you are not satisfied please feel free to contact us.  We will do our best to solve the issue.
    4. If you do not know about the perfume, please feel free to ask about scent before buying, we will do our best to describe it!

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